Chorizo Breakfast Sausage/Sliders


Flavour loaded, chorizo spiced, sausage/slider patties

6 x 65 g patties


GF Ingredients, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free 

Using Still Meadow Pork from Metchosin, we have created a ready to fry breakfast sausage/slider based on our wildly popular Chorizo Sausage roll.  Now people with gluten intolerance can enjoy this tasty sausage meat! Serve over rice, your favourite grain, pasta, as part of a “western breaky” or turn into an amazing breakfast sandwich or slider.
GF and Delish  6 x 65 g patties

Ingredients: Still Meadow Farm pork, , apple cider vinegar, Mexican chilies, fresh garlic, Himalayan salt, spices

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